Joint Mobility, Functional Range Conditioning, & Becoming a Healthier Human with Coach Christina Marie

On this episode, I am sitting down with Coach Christina Marie.  Christina is a mobility specialist who helps people become the healthiest human and mover they can be .  She's also a jiu jitsu brown belt and a huge advocate for strong fierce femininity.   I loved this conversation! Christina shared so much wisdom about joint health and mobility.  How you continue to move how you want to move for life.  That chronic joint pain isn't just a reality of aging or training that we just have to accept.   She also shared alot about how she got into mobility work and jiu jitsu!  I left this conversation feeling so inspired and I think you will too.  Just to let you know, we had a couple of hiccups recording this podcast with connection cutting out but it doesn't interfere with the conversation very much.   Anyway without further ado, let's get into it. 



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