About Us

Our mission: Empowering jiujiterias and female combat fighters to step on the mat, to elevate their game, and to live a life they love. Starting with what they wear.

Alchemize Fightwear was created by a jiujiteria that was frustrated by the lack of fightwear options for women.  So she made what she wanted to wear.  

We exist to make clothing that works as hard as you do. Quality, durable, comfortable fightwear that makes you feel powerful, strong, and radiant.  So you're ready to take on whatever your training or your life throws at you.

We are seeking opportunities to support solving local social problems i.e., diminish domestic violence against women through sponsoring a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu after school program.  All the while, we are doing our best to be kind to the environment.  That means 100% recycled shipping solutions and as many sustainable fabrics as possible!  We believe part of being a fierce female is being socially responsible!

Be fierce, train hard, and become all you imagine you can be.