An Overview of Women’s Short Sleeve BJJ Rashguards

Women's BJJ Rash Guard

Women’s BJJ rash guards with short sleeves are more flexible and more comfortable than those with long sleeves. However, they offer less protection from mat burns and may put you at a disadvantage owing to perspiring forearms. Below, we will look at the advantages and disadvantages of short-sleeve rashguards for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Advantages of Short Sleeve BJJ Rashguards

  • Short sleeve rash guards don't restrict arm movement, which is crucial because you'll need to maneuver around your opponent's body while using your arms. Furthermore, many grapplers find that wearing short sleeves helps them keep the feel of their arms.
  • Many grapplers choose short sleeves during the warmer months or in warmer climates merely to keep their arms cool. Rash guards with short sleeves have the advantage of being able to be worn when it gets too hot during workouts.
  • Your arms and wrists may become sweaty if you wear a rashguard with short sleeves since they don't wick sweat away from the forearms. Although many grapplers consider this unpleasant, sweat makes your arms slick, which may help you in escaping an opponent's hold. 

Disadvantages of Short Sleeve BJJ Rashguards

  • A rashguard's main function is to protect. Because your arms are exposed when wearing short sleeve rashguards, you run the risk of suffering scratches, cuts, and mat burns when sliding across the mat or engaging in grappling.
  • You are more vulnerable to bacterial and fungal infections. When wearing a short-sleeve rashguard, your biceps to wrists may come into contact with an opponent's skin and the mat. If you have more skin contact, you are more likely to have a bacterial infection or a fungal illness like ringworm.
  • Sweat can help you slide out of an opponent's clutches, however, it occasionally can lead to issues. Sweat causes slippage during grappling, which could give you the upper hand or cause you to lose control of your opponent.

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It's important to note that both short and long-sleeved BJJ rashguards have advantages and disadvantages. Most are situational advantages, such as sweat allowing for quickly slipping out of a submission, but there are also comfort and health advantages. Some grapplers prefer short sleeve rash guards for gi grappling and long sleeves for no-gi grappling. In the end, it's best to go with what makes you feel most comfortable.

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