An Overview of Women's Long Sleeve BJJ Rash Guards

An Overview of Women's Long Sleeve BJJ Rash Guards

When practicing no-gi BJJ, it is recommended to wear rash guards with long sleeves. Long sleeved women’s BJJ rash guards offer more protection, but are more expensive and tend to keep the body warmer. Below, we will look at the advantages and disadvantages of long sleeve BJJ rash guards.

Advantages of Long Sleeve BJJ Rash guards

  • Long rash guard sleeves shield the arm from mat and no-gi burns to your biceps, forearms, and elbows. 
  • Although a gi acts as a barrier between the skin and the mat, rolling can still result in friction burns on the elbows. A long sleeved rash guard worn underneath your gi can reduce this friction.
  • The more you roll in BJJ, the more perspiration you produce. Long sleeve rash guards help you stay dry by wicking away sweat and provide you greater leverage to increase your grip on submissions that people typically slip out of.
  • Jiu-Jitsu is a contact sport, therefore the arms endure significant punishment. Compression from long sleeves helps to relieve aches and weariness in your arms. 
  • In grappling, it is essential to minimize skin contact. When you wear a long sleeve rash guard, it's less likely that bacteria and fungi on the mats and on your opponents will cause issues.

Disadvantages of Long Sleeve BJJ Rash guards

  • Long sleeve rash guards typically cost more than short sleeve rash guards because more material is required to produce them.
  • Long sleeves provide traction during grappling sessions, which an opponent may utilize to their advantage by grabbing or pulling your sleeves.

BJJ rash guards, whether short or long sleeved, have advantages and disadvantages. Some grapplers prefer long sleeves for no-gi grappling, but short sleeve rash guards for gi grappling. Ultimately, the best option is whatever you feel most comfortable in.

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