About Us

We couldn't find the gear we wanted to train in.  So we made it.

We exist to make clothing that works as hard as you do.

Quality, durable, comfortable fightwear that makes you feel powerful, strong, and radiant.

Our mission: We're all about empowering female grapplers to step on the mat, elevate their game, and forge their own path.

Meet the Founder

Alchemize Fightwear is a women's BJJ, grappling, and MMA gear brand made by women who train for women who train. 

We wear, train, and live in our products.  And we're on a mission to make the best fitting, performing, and highest quality gear on the market. 

Our Values

Lift Others Up

All of our gear is designed by independent artists in the jiu jitsu community. 


We are breaking the fast fashion cycle; our gear is made to last you years.  Every order is shipped in 100% recycled paper packaging.

Give Back

Every year we partner with a number of women's self defense and trauma recovery programs. 

Be fierce, train hard, and forge your path.