Our philosophy graphic alchemize fightwear two women grappling in photo

Combat sports have a transformative power. 

On the mat, our edges meet. The warrior and artist.  Our persistence and our surrender. 

It's at these points that Alchemy happens.  

We know that when women step on the mat and into the fire something magical happens. 

We awaken to the fiercest, the most powerful, the most alive version of ourselves.  Sometimes, a version of ourselves we didn't even know existed.  

At Alchemize we're on a mission to enable that transformation.  The help other women alchemize their human potential.

Starting with obsessively technical fightwear so that you can feel fierce, confident, and more importantly focus on what matters your training + transformation. 

Join us on our mission to awaken the fighter in every woman. 


Alchemize Fightwear was founded by Maya Nazareth (top right) a jiu jitsu athlete who couldn't find the gear she wanted to wear.   

From humble beginnings in her university dorm room, Alchemize is now a global community of women around the world united by a love of combat sports.  

Community is at the center of Alchemize's values which is why we bring together women from around the world for our record breaking women's grappling camps,  open mats/seminar series, and our free community self defense program run out of our Philadelphia HQ. 

A jiuiteria herself, Maya's mission is to build the women's combat sports community. 

Just like on the mats, a rising tide raises all boats.