A Jiu Jitsu Girls Guide to Finding Other Women Who Train

A Jiu Jitsu Girls Guide to Finding Other Women Who Train

One of the best aspects about doing jiu jitsu is the community that surrounds it. A lot of gyms are fortunate to have several (or even a team) of women at their gym, which can be a great way to foster friendships, develop trustworthy relationships, and even the potential for mentorship. 

The Female jiu jitsu community continues to grow every day, but it can really be a challenge to find other women who train if your gym doesn’t already have a women’s team. If you are new to your gym or new to the sport itself, it can feel daunting to find people to train with and whom you trust to ask questions. But, it doesn’t have to be that way! Here are some places to find other women in jiu jitsu, and give you the opportunity to develop new friendships and a sense of community.


An AMAZING resource to use as a jiujiteria are the women’s jiu jitsu facebook groups. Not only are they full of useful tips and information, but people are regularly posting about women’s open mats, competitions, seminars, and events where you are able to connect with other female grapplers. The most active women’s jiu jitsu facebook group is Women's Grappling Network Facebook Group


As a female, it can be very beneficial to train with other women because they often have different strengths as grapplers.  A great way to do that if you don’t have many women at your own academy is to cross-train.  Look into cross training at schools that have women’s only classes or big women’s teams. If you don’t know where to look, a great way to find local gyms with big women’s teams is to ask in the facebook group, follow female competitors on social media, or ask an upper belt female/competitor at your own gym. 



As the women’s jiu jitsu community has grown, so have women’s-only seminars, open mats, and even camps. These are a great opportunity to meet many new people, experience different styles, and really expand your knowledge of the game.

Some great camps to look into:

Girls in Gis 

Roll ModelS

10th Planet Women's Camp

Hips and Grips - Grappling and Rock Climbing

Grappling Getaways


Following fellow jiujiterias in your area will help you stay in the know about jiu jitsu events, competitions, and open mats. This can also be a great way to interact and build relationships with other people in the community. 


If you can’t find the events you want in your area, create them!  Talk to your coach about hosting a women’s open mat. Put it on social media, invite women from other gyms, and post it in the women’s jiu jitsu facebook groups. 

Although it can feel like a challenge to find a community of women in jiu jitsu, there is a lot that you can do to find other women who train. The women’s jiu jitsu community  is exploding and  there will continue to be more opportunities to get involved in the jiu jitsu world. Connecting with other women who train jiu jitsu can lead to life-long friendships, better training, and a deep sense of community. 


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Becca Burkhart

Becca is a contributing writer to Alchemize, and fellow jiujiteria. She is a life-long athlete, nutrition coach, and mother of two boys.  You can usually find Becca doing one of 4 things: at the gym, cooking,  with her kids, or coaching her athletes. Practicality is the name of her game, and making the best of situations is her specialty.  



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