What does “Alchemize” mean?

The word Alchemize comes from the root Alchemy, and refers to the process of transforming as if by magic.   The process of learning Jiu Jitsu is the same kind of transformation; you show up on the mat to train and you will find that overtime your entire life transforms.  One day you look up and find that you’re more confident, resilient, healthy, surrounded by community, and that you are HAPPIER. 

We are inspired by that transformation because we have seen it in ourselves! And we want to inspire more people to alchemize toward their potential. 

Why was Alchemize started?

You can read all about us here; but in short, our founder couldn’t find the Jiu Jitsu gear she wanted to train in.  She looked around and saw that most of the women she trained with had the same problem. After being frustrated by the lack of options, the bad fits, and the girly-looking designs for too long; she decided to make a rashguard for herself.  And now it is growing from there. 

Why are there so few products?

We are a small start up company.  Our passion is making gear that we love and want to wear; but we all have day jobs, school, and/or very limited funds.  We sell you the best gear that we can make and are investing all of our profits back into the company to try to make more.  We understand that you may be looking for greater variety and it is coming, but good things take time. :)

Where can I find the size guide?

Take a look at this link here.  If you are still not sure, send us an email at info@alchemizefightwear.com and we will fit you ourselves!

I need to return or exchange something.

This link will direct you to our returns portal

My package never arrived! 

We are so sorry to hear that, please contact us at info@alchemizefightwear.com and we will fix it right away!

I would love to represent your brand.

We are so flattered! Send an email to info@alchemizefightwear.com with your Name, Affiliation, Rank, Social Handles, and 2 sentences about why you love our brand!

I have a suggestion! 

Here is a link to a form where you can submit it! We love knowing what our customers think!

Do you have any job openings? 

We are currently looking to hire a design intern.  If you think you would be a good fit, please send us an email at info@alchemizefightwear.com with some samples of your work and your resume.