Trauma, Mental Health, & Healing through Jiu Jitsu with Jennifer Gay

Trauma, Mental Health, & Healing through Jiu Jitsu with Jennifer Gay
On this episode, I am sitting down with Jennifer Gay.  Jenn is a a black belt instructor at Redline Jiu jitsu and the founder of SheJitsu.   A venture that aims to empower women on an off the mat with many trauma-informed courses that help women learn situational awareness, mindfulness techniques to heal trauma, and self-defense. Jenn is also a co-owner of Redline Jiu Jitsu and Green Unicorn Cannabis.  
In this conversation, we explored:
  • What jiu jitsu has to offer trauma survivors and those that struggle with mental health
  • The balance of work and play
  • Jenn's own story recovering from trauma and the role jiu jitsu played in it
  • What coaches and teammates can do when they are approached by someone who is triggered while training
  • How to identify predatory behavior
  • Her awesome work with shejitsu
To me, this conversation is a perfect example of why I started this podcast.  I want to have conversations like this, topics that aren't being talked about very much in the jiu jitsu space, that bring real value to women. We are talking about domestic violence and sexual assualt in this podcast, so I just want to remind you to take care of yourself.  I know these topics intimately effect so many women in our community.
For more info about Jenn and her work with Shejitsu:
Follow @shejitsu @jitsujitsujenn

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