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Women's BJJ Rash Guard

An Overview of Women’s Short Sleeve BJJ Rashguards

Women’s BJJ rash guards with short sleeves are more flexible and more comfortable than those with long sleeves. However, they offer less protection from mat burns and may put you at a disadvantage owing to perspiring forearms. Below, we will look at the advantages and disadvantages of short-sleeve rashguards for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Advantages of Short Sleeve BJJ Rashguards Short sleeve rash guards don't restrict arm movement, which is crucial because you'll need to maneuver around your opponent's body while using your arms. Furthermore, many grapplers find that wearing short sleeves helps them keep the feel of their arms. Many grapplers...

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Women's BJJ Rash Guards

Why Women Should Wear Rash Guards for BJJ

In BJJ, rash guards are an essential piece of gear. The use of rash protection during training and competition, especially among female athletes, cannot be overstated. As well as looking great and adding some flair to your training, women’s BJJ rash guards have plenty of benefits on the mat. These include: Protection Against Mat Burns When you’re rolling, you can often get a “rug burn” from the friction of the mat against your skin. This can create open wounds that are painful and can keep you off the mat. Mat burn is a reality of the sport but wearing a rash...

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